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Monthly Archives: October 2012


Best Trucks of Texas

Each year, the Texas Automotive Writers group gathers to test drive and vote on the best trucks.  The TAWA nation has spoken. Ram, Jeep and Buick grabbed the top honors at the 20th annual Texas Auto Writers Association Truck… (more)

The 2013 Terrain Denali is Red Carpet Ready

If there was an award for best dressed SUV, the Terrain Denali would be a stellar contender.  It is one of the most beautiful SUV’s that will grace the streets for 2013.  It is a real star… (more)

From the Ranch to the Opera: The Ford F-150 Limited

  When I think of a truck, I think utility, power and raw practicality. No funny business, no bells, no whistles. A work horse that serves one purpose: function. How wrong I have been.  The Ford F-150 Limited is… (more)

Toyota Tundra tows Space Shuttle Endeavor

A Toyota Tundra half-ton pickup truck without any special modifications successfully towed the 150,000 pound space shuttle Endeavour across a bridge spanning the nation’s busiest freeway. The tow was a result of a 20-year partnership between Toyota and the California… (more)

What Your Car Says About Your Personality

It’s no secret that the kind of car you choose says a lot about your personality. But what is it saying, exactly? Does driving a luxury sedan tell the world that you’re a snob? Does your predilection for driving the… (more)


The Terrain Denali: Ditch the Soccer Mom Hair and Hop into some razor cut Style.

I had the pleasure of taking the Terrain Denali out for a spin through the streets and highways of Dallas. To say I was surprised by the performance and the phenomenal creature comforts would be an understatement.    The… (more)