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2016 Toyota Prius Four Touring: Let’s Go Places!


2016_ToyotaPriusFourTouringlowWhy is it I never get this kind of great vehicle to drive when I have a road trip planned?  My recent test drive of the 2016 Toyota Prius Four Touring made me long for a road trip.  Even a short one would  work.

Instead, I was stuck in town with deadlines.  So I only went to boring destinations like the grocery store (twice), a few meetings, and pharmacy (once). Sigh….this stylish Hypersonic Red, zippy, gas-sipping hybrid begged to be driven for a longer trip.  But circumstances prevented my keeping it more than a few days.  That’s not nearly long enough to drive this fun-loving Hatchback.

The most surprising thing about the Prius is how well it performs on those tiny sips of gas, averaging 52 mpg.   Of course you expect a genteel hybrid like Prius to be very, very quiet.  So quiet you can’t hear it running.  This might cause you to worry that it’s died at a stop sign the first time you drive one. 

But what most of us don’t expect is how beautifully the Prius performs.  Thanks to its Hybrid Synergy Drive System (which boosts the fuel economy while adding extra zip), the Prius can leave lesser cars back at the light.  Together we out-distanced a Mustang Shelby and a Dodge Charger.  Well, okay–admittedly they got stuck behind a slow truck.  But who expects to see a Prius as leader of the pack!

The 2016 Prius has a striking new design plus double wishbone rear suspension. It rolled on distinctive looking 17 inch 5-spoke alloy wheels.  The interior of the Prius Touring was classy and clean-looking with its wrap-around dash design and easy to operate controls. 

The top-of-the-line Prius Four Touring had an MSRP of only $30,000.   The entry level Prius hatchback starts for only $24,200.  Since the annual fuel cost for the Prius is estimated at only $850, the owner saves $4,750 in fuel costs over 5 years.  2016_Toyota_Prius_Four_Touring_interior_low

The Prius Touring had an optional Premium Convenience Package and Toyota Safety Sense system.  The advanced safety package includes automatic pre-collision braking.  Pedestrian detection, lane departure alert, and radar cruise control are also included. Together with destination charges, this brought the total price for the test vehicle to $32,540.

Toyota should be commended for bringing us the first mass production gasoline/electric hybrid with the introduction of the Prius.  Of course they’ve reaped a financial reward, selling more than 3.5M around the world.  The new Prius offers such an improved driving experience that it promises to
 be another global winner for Toyota.


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