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Betsy Chisholm: a Woman’s point of VUE

Betsy Chisholm has always loved cars. Although none of her family or friends were in the auto industry, she knew that was what she wanted to do. She studied Mechanical Engineering and was working and putting herself through school.

Saturn came through interviewing  the architectural engineering firm where she worked for an opportunity on the Spring Hill facility.  After the interview, Saturn called back to talk to her.  They offered her a position, and the rest is history.

I met Betsy on a test drive for General Motors and understand exactly how easy it must have been for Saturn to know they wanted to hire her. She is passionate about her work and almost regards the Vue as her own child. She has watched it grow and develop and change as she guided it along and is proud of where it is now.

The hardest thing for Betsy was working while she put herself through school.

She believes that as  a woman in the automotive industry, she had an advantage.

“Women play a big role in purchasing or influencing the purchase of vehicles.  I like to think I know what their needs and wants are,” said Betsy.

When Betsy showed me a new model of the Vue, she pointed out the purse holder to me. A guy might have opened the hood and talked about the horsepower. Betsy explained all the nooks and crannies where you can stash your stuff in the Vue. If she had been a salesperson, I would have bought one right then and there.

Early Betsy and her first Automotive Adventures

A 1964 Buick Special convertible is her first car memory.  “I would pick all the neighbor kids up and we would go bombing around even before I had my license!” she explains.

The first car I ever purchased was a 1975 VW Rabbit, manual shift.  I can still remember praying that I would not stall it before I got out of the dealer (which I didn’t).  I do remember laughing because it was so much fun to drive.  I also have great memories of the 5 Camaros (all manual shift) that I owned over the years.  My first was a 1982 Berlinetta Camaro.  I was so excited that I slept in it overnight!”

Betsy Today

Betsy’s husband, Eric, works for GM Powertrain as a Program Administrator on engine programs. They met at Saturn 15 years ago.  He was a sunroof and wiper release engineer, and she was a development engineer. She would water test his sunroofs.

In her spare time Betsy enjoys photography, jewelry making, designing cool mittens . The most unusual place she has ever driven a car or truck is Off-roading at MudFest or the off-road course at the Texas Truck Rodeo.

Betsy’s Predictions for the Future

The most important features of her fantasy car?  Betsy’s answer was no surprise to me. “Safety is always important, she emphasized, “and the industry as a whole has come along way from just a decade ago.  I want places to put the things I carry with me, so “stuff” isn’t flying all over. ”  Don€™t get her wrong, performance, ride and handling are extremely important to her, but so is the whole package. Her predictions  for the future in automotive industry? That we will continue to see high tech, useful features in vehicles.  Hydrogen vehicles becoming common place.  Cars that drive themselves.

I asked Betsy, “If you weren’t working in the automotive industry, what kind of work would you want to do?” She responded, “Good question.  Something definitely with the public.  I like to be around people.  Probably something in sales.” She obviously loves her work so much she has not even thought about doing anything else.

Betsy Chisholm
Product Manager – VUE
Brand and Product Development

Madelyn Miller is a travel and food member and a proud member of the Texas Automotive Writers Association. Read her stories on,, and She loves to test drive new cars–especially those with a place for her purse.

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