CARLADYNEWS:  Instructions for carladynews WordPress template




1 Be sure to have your login and password handy. If you need them, email

2 .go to Url

3. log in using user name a password that you were assigned

4. go to left side of dashboard, click on posts. You have the choice of adding a NEW POST (or you edit a story you have already posted

5. put in title on the title box (No need to put in authors name or title again. These will automatically show up because of the template once you log in)

6. Put straight text in big box. If you use Microsoft word, you may need to paste in notepad before entering it into big box

7. Put pictures in by placing cursor at the left of the beginning of a sentence. Click on ADD MEDIA that looks like a tiny tv set. (the one to click on is about the text) t will say SELECT FILE. Then once file is selected, click on UPLOAD.

8. Once it is uploaded, you can select if you want jpg on left or right side. Then click on insert into post.

You can do this for as many pictures as you want. The first jpg you choose will appear as the photo in the excerpt that is the summary which appears when the story is listed on front page.


9. Select your categories. The drop down memo is to the right of the big text template box.  Check off the ones your story should appear in.

10. Next click on Publish.(on the right side near the top) Then click on Preview if you want to see it. It will not be visible to public until I approve it.

12. If you want to edit your bio, you can do that in USER’S SECTION which is below the Post.



If it is a car review or suv or truck review click on the review category.

Example: if it is an Suv, click on REVIEW SUV. Then click on manufacturer, and finally on side.

The article can be in multiple categories.


Your bio.

You can update your bio and jpg at anytime. Each story you enter will automatically appear under your picture and bio.

You may want to look at the new sections and categories as the site is expanded now.



Best to email,

Phone  214-810-0138

(leave a message if I do not answer



Ideally, each article would end with a paragraph entitled


example:  THE FEMALE FACTOR on this model car is the high safety rating and the purse hook below the dashboard.

Here are some tips for writing better car reviews

Performance.  Don’t get too technical.  Do woman really care if they can beat a Porsche Cayenne in the quarter mile.  Talk about getting into traffic safely, not horsepower and torque.  Do you feel safe driving it around sharp corners or are you constantly hitting the brakes because it just feels funny.  Does it shift smoothly enough not to spill your coffee?  Can you stop quickly and safely when the neighbors cat decides the chicken had the right idea?

Comfort.  Are the seats comfortable?  Is there enough head and leg room?  Is there enough hip room for the plus size among us?  Is the heat and air adequate?  Will you freeze in Anchorage and fry in Phoenix?  Can you get in and out without showing more leg than the Rockettes?  Does the seat adjust for comfortable road trips?  Is there a storage compartment the driver can reach or just a glove box for the passenger?  Where are you going to store the Foster Grants?

Function.  Will four suitcases fit in the trunk?  How about room for kids car seats?  Can you easily reach all the controls?  Is the headlight switch easy to find in the dark?  Can you change a radio station without causing a wreck?  Is there a vanity light on the visor mirror?  Can you easily reach the cup holder?  What, no cup holder?  Who designed this thing?

Design, Fit and Finish.  Is this car embarrassing you when you pull up to drop off the kids at school?  Do they wear disguises when they have to ride with you?  Does it make you feel like Mario Andretti or Princess Grace?  Can you adjust your makeup in the paint finish?  Does the trunk liner shed fibers on your Gucci Luggage?

Price.  Is the price in line with the quality and amenities?  Overpriced?  Bargain of the year?  Why?  Would you spend your hard earned money on this car?

Who should by this car?  Maybe it’s not for you but is there a section of female America that would love to drive this car?  Who would that be and why?  And, if not, why are they selling this piece of junk?

Stats.  If you want to add all the car company stats about a car, make it a footnote at the end.  If people have read that far, they might be interested.  If not, they can skip it.  Remember, stats should be taken with a grain of salt.  I know some four cylinder German cars that blow the big American V8’s out of the water and look great doing it.