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Award winning drag racer Alexis DeJoria helps other women reduce the risk for breast cancer

Chutes Out, Lo Res1Drag racing usually invokes thoughts of muscle cars, old school hot rods, mechanics working in the pits, over-the-top fans, and tailgating. But what many don’t realize is that drag racing draws huge crowds of thousands of female fans on any given race weekend.
Alexis DeJoria, daughter of the famed John Paul DeJoria, (co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems and proud owner of Tequila Patrόn), is using her fame within motorsports to help provide women in an unlikely place the opportunity for free mammograms in honor of breast cancer awareness month to the thousands of female fan who have been supporting her career. 
At the unlikeliest of venues- the nitro-fuel pits of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Oct 25-27, Alexis, who takes her life into her own hands every time she hits the race track in her 300-mph race car, will compete in two races:  the Las Vegas NHRA Toyota Nationals, and an even harder-fought battle- the race to help defeat breast cancer. 
In support of National Breast Cancer Awareness month, Alexis has partnered with Nevada Health Centers (NVHC) and is parking a ‘mammon’ (a mobile mammogram unit housed in a semi-truck) next to her team’s pit during the Vegas race. At any point during the race weekend, any woman over 40 attending the race can stop in to the mammon and get a FREE mammogram, regardless of health insurance status. According to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, lack of health insurance is the main reason for women to go without getting a mammogram. Pink, park alexis
“I’m thrilled that we were able to team up with NVHC and provide this service to our fans. As one of the few females in the auto-racing industry, it’s important to me to be a vocal spokesperson for the fight against breast cancer. The sport of drag racing isn’t typically synonymous with ‘women’s health’, but at any given race, which draws crowds in by the tens of thousands, you see just as many female fans as you do males. People don’t think of auto racing as a sport that attracts a large female audience, but it does, which is why I was so intent on doing this” says Alexis, one of the few professional female drivers in the male-dominated auto racing industry.
In an effort to encourage female fans, Alexis will also be getting a mammogram during the race weekend. Additionally, her signature black-and-green race car will be accented in pink graphics. pink sand

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