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Award Season in the Auto Industry

Each industry has awards for the public and their members. Music and theater awards are the best known. Everyone knows about Oscars and Emmys and Tonys. Some performers even have one or more of each.

There is a circuit for award shows. The new car introductions are done at the bigger shows. But some manufacturers like to “tease” their customers with early introductions at auto shows. The plan is to build excitement without revealing all their bells and whistles or the final price tag,

At the auto shows I have attended, the most frequent question is “What is the sticker price”

And the most frequent answer is. “I’ll get back to you.”

For performers, what you wear on the red carpet is a big news story. Fashion magazines get orgasmic about the gowns, the couples (who comes together and who is single) It is all fodder for the tabloids.

At auto shows, no takes much notice of what you are wearing. So I still remember at one of the Texas Automotive Writers Association meetings when all the men on the Dodge Ram team wore bright orange cowboy shirts. You could see them a mile away. (get jpg from Kimberly)

The dress code for auto shows includes cowboy boots.  And if it outdoors for test drives, cowboy hats are very popular.

The prizes? The mirrorball from Dancing with the stairs is very memorable. But when it comes to size, automotive trophies have everything else beat. The trophy for Truck of Texas is almost as tall as some of the drivers

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