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Give your Pumpkin a famous Ford Halloween Face

  One of the best things about Halloween is how it lets us express ourselves. Everything from your home decorations to your costume is a reflection of your personality and your passions. While traditional Halloween enthusiasts opt for spooky and… (more)

Mercedes-Benz makes a mark with the E400 Cabriolet

A luxurious automaker can easily court the buyer with a gorgeous body and sassy convertible style, but sealing the deal comes with quality, performance and amenities. How does the Mercedes E400 stack up in this arena? Mercedes-Benz continues to dominate… (more)

Touring Topless along the Great River Road in Onalaska, Wisconsin

They’ll be quite a sight as they drop their tops, run over the bluffs and drive deep into the coulees Aug. 15-18, 2013. Some 200 topless cars and 400 happy, waving people will drive roller-coaster back roads, stop at off-the-beaten-track… (more)

Did Santa bring you the Wheels you wanted?

Did you write your letter to Santa asking for something red, shiny and fast? Well, no need to bug the busiest guy in December just wait a few weeks and come out to the Houston Auto Show! The Houston Auto… (more)

What do I have in common with Jennifer Lopez?

2012 Fiat 500C  The wow factor of this car is obvious even while it is parked. I saw people noticing this car wherever I went. And while I have none of the star power of the brand’s spokesperson, Jennifer… (more)

Men will be Boys

  My Swiss friend Andy Heller drives a 1982 Porsche 911SC. No power steering. No power brakes. Noisy, uncomfortable, and according to Andy, "primitive, like a beast, a driving machine you want to hear and smell and tame and bond (more)

There’s a 2011 Ford for Every Future and Budget

The all-American success story that is Ford Motors featured an impressive lineup of automobiles for 2011, starting with my favorite: the 2011 V6 Mustang Convertible. My recent test model was a four-passenger sports coupe that had both the driver and (more)

Diamonds sparkle and women love silver cars

For the ninth consecutive year, the silver category, which includes charcoal and gray shades, has ranked as the most popular vehicle color in the world   In Europe, silver and charcoal (35 percent) were followed by black (22 percent), blue (more)

Look Mom, I got the Sebring top down all by Myself

I know I am lucky. When I am home, I get a new car almost every week to test drive and write about. During the nicest week this winter (it got up to 70 degrees in Dallas a couple of (more)

Driving from Reno to Lake Tahoe in a Lexus IS 250C Convertible

I was invited to get away for a few glorious days this summer by an agency promoting “Fly/Drive Reno/Lake Tahoe” areas of Nevada.  Since my only previous experience with Nevada had been attending some conventions in Las Vegas, I was (more)