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Mommy Cars


The ultimate parking pass: FordPass® helps you find a parking space and then pay for it

I thought it was one of the great marvels of modern manufacturing  when cars that could park themselves were first introduced. But how do you find that elusive parking spa?e. Ford has a solution for that, too. You can… (more)

Five things to love about the new Volvo V60

I grew up in a family that hauled everyone around in a station wagon, and that nostalgia could be part of the reason why the new Volvo V60 wagon is so appealing to me. However, after driving the new V60… (more)

2014 Nissan Versa Note: Nissan Says it’s Your ‘Door to More’!

What is it?  With three names and three trim lines, the 2014 Nissan Versa Note seems like a lot of car, at least on paper. But call it, simply, ‘the Note’, as they do in non-U.S. automotive markets… (more)

Make every day Mother’s Day in a 2013 Mazda

 Your mother is a one of a kind. She understands you and your lifestyle. And Mother’s Day is a time to reflect on how well you know her and what she really needs. What car does your mother… (more)

Texas Automotive Writers Association found favorites with these Ford products

Ford products honored by TAWA include:  Car of Texas – 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500Coiled and Ready to Strike. Track-tested at more than 200 mph, the 2014 Shelby® GT 500® is designed to make you part of… (more)

American Automakers Propelling Auto Sales

Buoyed by strong sales from American automakers, the auto industry appears to be continuing its recovery from the financial collapse of 2008. American automakers showed stronger growth this March than their import counterparts. The success of the Detroit Three shows… (more)

Texas Auto Writers Choose Nissan GT-R Black Edition 2012 Car of the Year

Some 50 car writers, most of them members of Texas Auto Writers Association (TAWA), spent the last Monday in April driving around the Texas Motor Speedway track near Fort Worth. They were attempting to drive as many of the competing (more)

Paris Pinball Park

Securing a parking spot in a crowded city like Paris is no easy task. But there's no better place to demonstrate the capabilities of Ford's active park assist. With two parked cars acting as bumpers and flanking an open parking (more)

What Moms  really want in Cars

  I was not your usual carpool mom. I had a cute yellow Plymouth Duster. My son was born in that car so I felt very sentimental and motherly towards it. I was so carpool inept that I did not (more)

No Matter what your Destination, you’ll Enjoy the Journey

Just like shoes, some cars fit right away. You start driving and you instantly feel comfortable. There is no “breakin” time, no learning curve, no surprises. Just everything you need in the right place.   I have a young fan (more)

Fanfare of Frugality

Throw away whatever it is you thought you knew about the Ford Fiesta and any perceptions of the Ford Festiva that you accidentally associate with the new Fiesta.  Think of the Fiesta as a frugal fun-mobile for the masses that (more)

What kind of Valentine’s Date you have often depends on what he drives

Your heart flutters just thinking about the big date coming up on Valentine’s Day.  Wouldn’t you like to peer into a crystal ball and see what kind of evening to expect – based on the type of car your date (more)