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Eight reasons why the 2016 Ford Mustang is better than Cinderella’s coach

POWER: Cinderella’s coach is powered by 2 horses that need lots or rest breaks and frequent fresh carrots. The 2016 Ford Mustang I drove is powered by a V-8 engine.If you opt for the 6-speed manual, you’ll enjoy the… (more)

Mother still knows best: 2016 Toyota Camry SE Special

I have finally reached the age where I appreciate my Mother’s values. She has instilled an appreciation of quality and value. She taught me to evaluate  the long-term cost of any purchase. 12 years ago, my 91-year-old Mom bought… (more)

Five things to love about the new Volvo V60

I grew up in a family that hauled everyone around in a station wagon, and that nostalgia could be part of the reason why the new Volvo V60 wagon is so appealing to me. However, after driving the new V60… (more)

Would you like to own this holy car?

The archdiocese of New York is auctioning the 2015 Fiat 500 Lounge Hatchback used by Pope Francis during his visit to New York City. Cardinal Timothy Dolan will meet with the winning bidder to bless the vehicle benefit the Archdiocese… (more)

2015 Mustang Gives Us a Faster Horse

I’ve loved Ford’s Mustangs since I was very young, or since the 1964 Mustang first dazzled all of us with its beauty, speed and best of all, affordability. Here was a performance car that ordinary people could buy! I recently… (more)

Charging Ahead in the Dodge Charger SXT

If there’s one thing for sure when driving the 2015 Dodge Charger SXT, you will be the leader of the pack wherever you go. This car will get up and go, right out from under you if you’re not careful!… (more)

Does Toyota talk to you?

Toyota certainly listens to what customers are saying. Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. (TMS) demonstrated its ability to listen to its customers yet again. Three TMS vehicles were named in the annual AutoPacific Ideal Vehicle Awards (IVA). The Toyota Avalon… (more)

2014 Kia Cadenza: Smart is the New Rich

Kia’s all-new 2014 Cadenza is the latest in a quickly-growing segment that you might call the ‘have-it-all sedan’: great technology, beautiful styling and a modest price point. This not-quite luxury category is giving traditional high-end carmakers a run for their… (more)

Make every day Mother’s Day in a 2013 Mazda

 Your mother is a one of a kind. She understands you and your lifestyle. And Mother’s Day is a time to reflect on how well you know her and what she really needs. What car does your mother… (more)

General Motors makes a great showing in the Texas Automotive Writers Auto Roundup

GM vehicles were named as Compact Car of Texas for the 2013 Buick Verano Turbo, Full-Size Car of Texas for the new 2014 Chevrolet Impala 2LZ , Performance Sedan of Texas for the 2013 Cadillac ATS Premium Collection ,… (more)

Congrats to 2013’s Auto Roundup winners!

 Monday’s weather at the Texas Motor Speedway complex was near-perfect. The competition gets tougher each year, which benefits consumers as automakers strive to develop new technologies, as evidenced by the Green Car category that included three electric vehicles and… (more)


Texas Automotive Writers Association found favorites with these Ford products

Ford products honored by TAWA include:  Car of Texas – 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500Coiled and Ready to Strike. Track-tested at more than 200 mph, the 2014 Shelby® GT 500® is designed to make you part of… (more)

American Automakers Propelling Auto Sales

Buoyed by strong sales from American automakers, the auto industry appears to be continuing its recovery from the financial collapse of 2008. American automakers showed stronger growth this March than their import counterparts. The success of the Detroit Three shows… (more)

Superbowl car commercials add excitement to the Game

Some people think the commercials are the best part of the show. I am one of them. In fact, I think the commercials are even more enticing than the food. No Calories. No Clean up. And some of th most… (more)

When is something good for the Playoffs good for Dancing with the Stars and the Bachelor?

We’ve all been there, that final rush for last minute gifts during the holidays. Imagine the disappointment however when your midsize sedan won’t give you full pass through access beyond your trunk space! That’s not an issue in the all… (more)