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    I’d Like To Drive 56 Please

    This HepCat Mobile Helped Give New Life to a Stuffy Chrysler Line   Sammy Hagar used to complain that, “I can’t drive 55” but this little kitten would love to take a spin in a ’56 New Yorker!  At a (more)

    South Dakota

    There was no map for sale in any Colorado or Wyoming gas station at which we called. There were maps from Kansas to Idaho, from Colorado to Montana, but none of South Dakota. Even the map of the Western States (more)

    FIXD! gives you a second opinion besides your auto mechanic


    A Letter to Santa

    Dear Santa!!   We’ve tried to be good automakers this year.  We’ve worked diligently on our new fuel efficient cars, we’re tried to add more wow to the body style and we’ve  really upped the anti on safety.   We’ve (more)