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    Buick Is Back, Baby!

    “I remember the days of just keeping time" Of hanging around in sleepy towns, forever Back roads empty for miles” 1910 Buick Model 17, at Randall-Dodd Auto Company, Salt Lake City, UT. The perception for some time now has been (more)

    Four Letter Word Cars

    In this age of soundbites, everything seems to have a label   Recently I found this was especially true of new cars. When driving two new cars, I discovered that each had its own four letter word label that was (more)

    Buick Enclave: My Reality Car

    After a week of driving a Camaro, (which stole my heart and the attention of cougar bait) I was ready to return to reality. I was ready to drive something practical. Something that met the criteria for my lifestyle. I (more)

    The Scion tC Hits Dealerships in North America

    The Scion tC is what my 20-something son would call a “real sweet ride,” and it appears to be designed especially to appeal to his demographic….college age and young adults, mostly males.  However, on a recent trip to drive the (more)

    Ram Truck Brand donates $1 milliton to National Future Farmers of America Organization