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Random posts


    Walter P. Chrysler Museum

    I think every youngster reads a biography that sticks with him or her. For me it was the story of Walter P. Chrysler. Over the years I forgot why I was impressed so when I visiting Detroit I made a (more)

    One, Two … Three

    by John Graham So went the advertisement … with the ‘Three’ being a sprinter leaping from the line, just as the newly announced BMW 3-Series was released onto the market. The Bavarian carmaker doesn’t name its models as other makers (more)

    Land Rover: Experience Driving School

    If you are the proud owner of a  vehicle  from the Land Rover family (LR3, Range Rover, etc.) then chances are you have heard of the Land Rover Driving School located at the beautiful Biltmore Estate in Asheville,  North Carolina. Here (more)

    Lock it up in the bed of your Truck

    Master Lock now offers a solution for ‘grab and go’ theft in pick-ups with the Truck Bed U-Lock system.  The new locking system is easily installed with a locking body that swivels 190 degrees for convenient use.  It fits easily (more)

    Texas Auto Writers Get First Glimpse of New Cars at State Fair of Texas Auto Show

    Members of Texas Auto Writers Association (TAWA) and a few visiting car journalists were treated to a press day at the great State Fair of Texas Auto Show in Dallas, which manufacturers say is the biggest show in the country.  (more)