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    Consumer Reports to host its first-ever Teen Driving Safety Program

    Event set for April 30 at CR’s Auto Test Center in Connecticut   Consumer Reports will host its first-ever teen driving safety program in cooperation with the national non-profit Tire Rack Street Survival® driver education program. The event will be (more)

    Summit Inn, PA

        My husband and I were taking a picture of the 1930 Buick in front of the Summit Inn near Farmington, PA, when the Inns owner, Randall Harris, pulled up in his Russo Red 2002 Porsche. Then a guest (more)

    The Datsun Deities and the People who Worship Them

    The Datsun Deities and the People who Worship Them by Madelyn Miller, the TravelLady Mr.K-Yutaka Katayama, who is affectionately called “Mr.K.” has a simple life philosophy: Love cars, love people, love life. Born in 1909 in a remote Japanese village (more)

    The Scion tC Hits Dealerships in North America

    The Scion tC is what my 20-something son would call a “real sweet ride,” and it appears to be designed especially to appeal to his demographic….college age and young adults, mostly males.  However, on a recent trip to drive the (more)

    The Terrain can wear as many hats as I do

    Imagine a car that could carry five passengers--making you very popular for carpools. A car with a trunk that can carry soccer equipment, a months worth of groceries and lots of luggage.  A car that is kind of like a (more)