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Driving Chevrolet Colorado and Silverado in California

Chevy SilveradoI recently drove new models of the Chevrolet Colorado and Silverado (along with some SUVs like the Equinox, Suburban and Tahoe) in and around the picturesque village of Solvang, not far from Santa Barbara, California.  

Hearing about Chevrolet trucks being “on a roll” was interesting.  We learned that Silverado is the fastest growing (in sales) full-size pickup, while the mid-sized Colorado has become the fastest selling truck in the U.S.  So it’s easy to see why the Chevy guys are proud of their brand.

The 2016 Silverado features a redesign with expanded use of 8-speed transmissions and many new safety and convenience technology features.  The 2016 Colorado has added a 2.8Liter Duramax turbo diesel.restored Chevy truck

Driving the trucks both on and off-road was exciting, and walking the grounds of the Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort to see early models of Chevrolet trucks on display was really educational.  These trucks were kept in mint condition.

But driving into the town of Solvang, a town settled by the Dutch that still features their architecture everywhere,  was my favorite part of the trip.  Admittedly the big trucks didn’t quite blend in with the Dutch architecture and cobblestone-paved streets in the town’s business district, so we got a few stares when we jumped out to take photos of the truck instead of the town.

Colorado on Solvan streetI had a good excuse to drive into town several times, since I needed to call home and my T-mobile didn’t have a connection at the ranch.  This handy excuse allowed me to stroll around and buy a lovely top at Elna’s Dress Shop on Copenhagen Drive in Solvang (which also featured authentic Dutch costumes for kids).  I also savored a real Danish pastry with coffee at the Real Danish Bakery.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch we were about to be treated to BBQ and ice cream for lunch so it was time to hurry back.  

ranch near SolvangA few more facts about the 2016 Silverado’s technology features.  Silverado is the first pickup to offer 4G LTE Wi-Fi and a strong signal that connects up to seven devices.  It supports Apple CarPlay while charging your phone “on the go” with wireless charging, while Chevrolet MyLink lets the driver arrange icons or feaeturs on the 8″ diagonal color touch-screen.  Controls mounted on the steering wheel let you activate Bluetooth, play audio, or set cruise control.

With its muscular front-end design, sculpted hood, LED lighting accents, active safety technology and remote locking tailgate, the Silverado remains true to their slogan, “The New Face of Strong.”



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