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Five things to love about the new Volvo V60

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I grew up in a family that hauled everyone around in a station wagon, and that nostalgia could be part of the reason why the new Volvo V60 wagon is so appealing to me. However, after driving the new V60 for a week, I am convinced that while nostalgia may have lured me, the comfortable drive hooked me.

Five things I love about this new Volvo V60:

1. The look. The length of station wagons can sometimes be unattractive, but through the creative use of horizontal lines, this Volvo visually connects with the highway giving a more stylish appearance. This Volvo also has striking 19-inch Bor Diamond Cut Wheels adding to its exterior character.

2. Interior excellence. From the mixed use of woods and leathers to the user-friendly controls, the 2015 Volvo V60 sports a clutter-free dashboard with iconic Volvo gadgets. Intelligent seating offers versatility with three segments for rear seat fold down options: 40/20/40…you can instantly increase hauling capacity with this feature! Also, parents love the integrated boosters for children ages 3+. A simple, single movement pops the booster cushion in place for a safe and comfy ride. Last, but not least, the new and improved premium sound system is a step up with clear, precise audio entertainment.

3. The power. Volvo’s new four-cylinder Drive-E engine is not only more fuel efficient, but doesn’t compromise a great ride. Powered by 245 horsepower, the T5 maintains ample power for uncompromised highway driving.

4. The space. Families need space. Lots of it. Children cannot “touch” or we all know what breaks loose! Well, Volvo built this vehicle with that in mind. Each passenger has plenty of personal space with great leg room and plenty of space for necessities in the rear trunk area. Groceries will fit perfectly along with sporting equipment, strollers and luggage.

5. Safety first. Volvo has always produced safe vehicles. In fact, safety has been the cornerstone of their marketing over the years, and their commitment to that is unchanged. Aside from standard air bags, Volvo adds important safety features such as Lane Keeping Aid which applies extra steering torque to the steering column when the car appears to be leaving its lane. Enhanced Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) is another new technology that monitors and alerts the drive to rapidly approaching vehicles from behind, It also alerts the driver to vehicles in the blind spots of  both sides. Volvo continues to pioneer new methods of safety in a never-ending quest to keep you and your crew as safe as possible.

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If you are looking for that perfect family vehicle and perhaps SUVs are bit too big, but you want a little more than a sedan, this is PERFECT! Take the family for a test drive and see what you love about the new Volvo V60.

2015 Volvo V60 T5 Drive-E
Fuel Economy: 25/37
Class: Small Station Wagon
Base Price: $35,300

Photos courtesy of Volvo.


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