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Football fans and Car connoisseurs have a lot in common

nationwide in December.

Every sports team has a group of fanatical followers. This group of fans has season tickets for the home games and try to make as many away games as they can. They can quote team statistics and know all about the players on their own team.

Car connoisseurs are just as passionate about their cars. They may have one brand they are loyal to, or they may have a certain manufacturer that they study each season and know all the changes in the chassis, can carbon date each new feature, and can quote their miles per gallon in the city or on a highway.

These car fans may forgettheir spouses birthday, but remember the year each new innovation was added to “their car.”

Nissan revealed its two newest models – both assembled in the U.S. – the 2019 Maxima sedan and 2019 Murano crossover at the 201th models are set to go on sale at Nissan dealers

Sports followers often see each other at games—in and out of town. And auto shows are like reunions for the serious car fans. 

Give me a choice between car keys to a new car or box seats to a s sporting event and I will grab the keys every time.

Interested in Sports Fans?

Well, that is another story

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