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Hold On! We’re going to Ride the Edge

Some people live on the edge. Some people walk on the edge, but I love driving the Edge! The 2012 Ford Edge that is!  I was asked to drive around a couple of days in this magnificent crossover and write my thoughts about it.  I must say the experience was terrific.  The Ford Edge can best be summed up in three categories – good looks, good gas mileage and good vibrations!

 Although, this was not the first time I’d driven an Edge, the thrill of stepping in and settling into such a comfortable auto interior was awesome.  It felt like settling in for a conversation with an old reliable friend.  There’s always enough leg room and the leather trimmed seats are designed to welcome any number of body types.   The interior mimics the outside of the car making for a fine paring of color and custom features.  Concerns about safety are answered by the many airbags, front and side.  I especially like all the openness created by its huge wraparound windows.  I could see everything and everybody could see me.  The multi-service dash holds lots of touch controls allowing me to easily choose a radio station, set the temperature, sync my phone or ipod, get GPS information and even sync voice activation.  If I think of something I might need on my journey, no problem.  It’s probably on the digital dash.  Everything in one place to add to my driving pleasure.

I love shopping with the Edge.  There is more than ample room in the trunk behind the seats. I transported a couple of large boxes to the post office and still managed to get all of my purchases from the supermarket and a few other stores in the rear.

The one feature I’ve always loved on the Edge is the rear camera assist.   I cannot tell you how many times I’ve worried while backing out of a busy parking lot that a small child might be walking behind the car and I don’t see him.  This one feature makes for a peace of mind that is so nice. The Edge comfortably seats five people and the rear seats are easily accessible and comfortable with individual controls for air/heat and interior lighting.

Now, I love driving. So, when a manufacturer asks me to drive a vehicle for review, my adrenaline begins to pump and I set out for adventures unknown. When the Edge  arrived, off I went.  Every car in its promotional write-up lists its miles per gallon but often times that depends on where and how the car is driven.  My Edge was equipped with Ford’s 2.0L Ecoboost engine, an option available on for a few dollars more.   So, Idrove drove fast- paced toll roads slow winding back roads and stop and go traffic on city streets.  I purposely drove the car in all sorts of road conditions and I must tell you, the 21 city mpg and 30 highway mpg is pretty accurate.  I kept an eye on the gas gauge for the two days while driving and I was pleasantly surprised. 

The Ford Edge has a MSRP of just under $35,000 and I believe it is well worth it.

I really have good feelings every time I drive the Ford Edge.  I remember a song from college days called “Good Vibrations”.  I wonder if it was a song before it’s time, or if somehow the singers knew the Edge was on the way.  Umm!


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