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Hondas Are a Good Fit for Texans

Milano Red Honda FitYou see a lot of Honda vehicles on Texas roads. My 20-something son has owned Honda Civics since he was a teenager, and even when I tried to talk him into other brands, he obstinately refused to drive anything else.

So while I’ve never owned a Honda myself, I still feel a familial kind of pride in the company.  After all, I’ve financed my share of them.

They always lasted longer than expected, especially given the stress put on them by a young driver who loved street racing. He always claimed he was only watching those races, but that seemed an unlikely story since he kept souping up his car so it would go faster.

The past few weeks I’ve had several Honda models to test drive, and both passed with flying colors on my personal checklist.

I especially liked the Honda Fit that I drove last week, taking a road trip to Austin for a conference.  At first I worried that my friend and I wouldn’t have room for all the gear we usually take to this three-day annual event, but was surprised to see that everything fit quite snugly into the trunk and the back seat.  2016 honda Fit cargo space

The 2016 bright Milano Red Fit was small but mighty, a 5-door Hatchback EX-L with navigation and lots of leg room for the driver and front seat passenger.  It was priced at only $21,065.  Destination charges brought the total for the test model to $21,885; still affordable enough for most budgets.

The Fit achieved excellent fuel economy of 32 mpg in town and 38 on the highway, for an average of 35 mpg.   We were able to drive to and from Austin on one tank of gas.  We stayed nice and cool with the Fit’s great air conditioning, and both of us remarked several times on how comfortable we were.

With its 130 hp 1.5 liter DOHC 4 cylinder direct injection engine and CVT with sport mode and paddle shifters, the Honda had an ECO assist system which helped with gas mileage.  It also performed very well, and we were able to easily pass other cars and stay ahead of most trucks.

The Fit must have worked its charms on the traffic and road conditions as well, since we were able to drive to and from Austin on the “continually under construction” I-35 highway without having to stop, scream, pull our hair out, or use any unladylike language.

This was definitely a first since I’ve experienced so many challenges on that stretch of highway over the past few years.  I even had to give up and return to Dallas on a recent attempt to reach San Antonio due to a major wreck that closed the highway overnight.

Maybe I should always request a Fit for road trips to Waco, Austin or San Antonio!



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