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How many cupholders does it take to sell a car to a woman?

One of the first things I learned when I joined Texas Automotive Writers Association (TAWA) is that one of the  most important decisions for women buying a car is the number of cupholders.

As a single woman who travels frequently, I could not imagine what one person could do with 11 cupholders. One for each hand and then maybe a spare for refills. Even if you drove through a fast food restaurant for happy hour —why would you need 11 cup holders?

So the first time I drove in a car that had more cupholders than the number of people the car could comfortably hold I tried to answer that question for myself. The Scion, thanks to marvelous engineering, can comfortably hold 3 people. Who and how would they use all the cupholders.

My friend Bill,  who is 6’5” tried the Scion backseat. The third seat is on an angle so there is lots of leg room for that passenger. I never thought he would fit in. Yet he pronounced  the seat,  “very comfortable.” At first I thought he was being polite. He is a very honest, very polite man who loves cars.

I often drove over to his house to give him a chance to see if a tall person with very long legs would really fit into different models of cars and be comfortable. He is an engineer so he could really appreciate design elements that I didn’t consider. And he always appreciated leg room.

Recently I had a Lyft driver whose main job was as a KIA car salesman. I asked him which features he found women most interested in.  Without hesitating for a moment, he said, “cupholders”

That confirmed the information I had learned nearly ten years ago when I joined TAWA. He was very proud of the fact that the KIA had 11 cupholders.

Now, I wonder, what is the second most important feature for women. There is no agreement on this.

Please leave a message with what you do with your cupholders.

How important are they to you?.

And what do you think is the second most important thing when women buy a car?

My personal number one thing a car needs is a huge trunk. Sometimes I buy 48 bottles of Water at Trader Joe’s, So I could never buy a Scion.

 Do different size cupholders come with bigger vehicles? I wonder if the number of cupholders effects the resale value of a car.

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