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I Love Love Love the Flex!

I’m a child of the 70s. It was a time of adventure, spontaneous exploration and big cars. When I got a call from Ford to review the 2013 Ford Flex, I began to have flashbacks and groovy feelings. When the nice man from Ford pulled up outside my house in a long bright blue and silvery two tone SUV crossover, I dashed from my house and hurried to see it up close! It made me smile. He pointed out some of the outstanding features and then said, “You’re going to enjoy this one!” Boy, was he right.

I slide into the driver’s seat. It was leather, ample and very comfortable. Unlike cars back in the day, it was fully equipped with power heated seats, a really cool overhead console for convenience and a really good vanity mirror on the driver’s side. I was able to place my purse on the console next to me. I placed my hands in the 10 and 2 position on the sweet leather steering wheel and I was off!

First stop, Walmart!!! I cannot tell you what a looker the Flex was here. People actually stopped to get a closer look and some just smiled. I don’t think this happened because they had never seen a Ford Flex. I think the car just throws off good, happy vibes. It sorta says, “Hey there! What’s Up?” Some of the comments were about the chrome. Some were about the beautiful blue finish. Others asked how I liked it.

Errands finished at Walmart, I took to the streets. The car drove well. I think it offered a little less pick-up than some other big crossover cars I’ve driven, but nothing annoying. I loved the appointment of functions on the dashboard including Sync My Touch technology that’s in just about all Ford cars.

I was curious. Was it mostly boomers who loved this car as much as me? Or would the younger generation like it, too? I went to pick up my 8-year-old highly opinionated niece Jaida. I wanted a younger take on it as well.

Just as I had done, when she saw the big blue car, she ran from the house and immediately began hugging it. I said, “Do you like it?” Jaida had only one word, “Awesome!!!” Enough said. She climbed into the backseat and we were off. The next “awesome” thing Jaida noticed was that there were three sun roofs…just in the back. How cool was that that Ford would think of a panoramic sunroof for a backseat driver. And 8 year olds are professional back seat riders, you know. It takes a lot to wow them.

She liked the roomy leather seats and commented that there was plenty of space to stash her games, drawing pad, books and other things she likes to carry with her when we’re driving about town. She even commented that there was enough room for her 1 year old brother and his car seat as well as several of her friends. A good point! The Flex has fold down seats which make lots of room for other things that need a place to rid, too. Things like grocery, oversized purchases from Home Depot, etc.

Jaida gave up her car seat a few months ago. So, being high enough to comfortably look out the window is a big deal for her. The Flex has large, low windows that fit the bill for a kiddo. After a while, it was time to go back and drop her off. We decided to play a game called “Zip, My Flex”. Every time we saw a Flex we would yell out “Zip, My Flex!” During the 32 minute drive, we spotted four Flex!

Other features, I liked on the Flex include the traction control, the post-crash alerts and of course the many airbags. As a matter of fact, the Flex was voted one of the safest family cars in the country. Gas mileage is about 20 mpg city/highway combined. The Flex sales at about $40,000 nicely equipped.

Overall, the Flex is probably one of the most fun cars you’ll ever own.

The Flex gets about 20 mpg with combined city/highway driving and nicely equipped comes in around $40,000.

Cars from the 70’s will still be close to me, but a new 2013 Flex certainly keeps that “groovy” feeling going strong. Peace out!


For more information about the Ford Flex visit:



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