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Make every day Mother’s Day in a 2013 Mazda

2013 Mazda 3 Your mother is a one of a kind. She understands you and your lifestyle.

And Mother’s Day is a time to reflect on how well you know her and what she really needs.

What car does your mother drive? Is it inspiring? Do the people who build it have insightful craftsmanship? Do they obsess over the details with a crazed passion, wanting everything to be perfect—the same way your mom fussed over you?

If your Mom is fashion-forward she will love the new Takeri concept that will be incorporated into every Mazda in the future. The next generation of Mazda vehicle will be called KODO (“soul in motion’). Mazda entered a whole new era with the Takeri concept. Full of craftsmanship, it invokes the human touch of a product made by hand. And this kind of detail will warm the heart of every mother.

2013 MAZDA 2 REDThe Mazda 3 (which I think is a perfect Mommy car) gets gold stars for safety and fuel economy. SKYACTIVE Technology means a fuel-efficient car that’s thrilling to drive is no longer a dream. Mazda aims to achieve the unheard of, where fuel economy, low emissions and outstanding driving performance coexist in a car. In order to achieve that goal, Mazda continues to build lighter-yet-stronger, highly efficient transmissions and cutting edge engines. It means engineering from the ground up and crafting everything to work together in unprecedented harmony.

In the Mazda3 Sedan, this comprehensive suite of technologies achieves an EPA estimated 40 MPG on the highway. And in the Mazda6 the SKYACTIVE-D power plant sets a new standard for power and frugality. This smooth and linear diesel is just the latest reimaging of what’s possible through SKYSCTIV Technology.

I used to think of Mazda as a sporty car for men. But I have totally changed my mind. Mazda has figured out exactly what women want. And I would love to have a Mazda.2013 mAZDA 5

My favorite Mazda is the 2013 Mazda3 5-door. The five doors offer unlimited possibilities. Keeping up with life’s everyday challenges may not be easy, but the Mazda3 5-foor gives you the versatility to face them head on. The flexible interior lets you customize your cargo and seating options to fit your ever-changing needs. The available leather trimmed interior creates a rewarding environment commonly found in high-priced luxury cars.

And guys may still think the Mazda is a man’s car.

Your Mom may not think she needs a new car. But take her for a test drive in a Mazda and she may update her wish list.

Wishing you and your Mom happy Mother’ Day. Every day.

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