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Now Men Can Look As Good in Pink Jeeps as They Look in Pink Shirts

Now Men Can Look As Good in Pink Jeeps as They Look in Pink Shirts

Have you ever dreamed of touring the Southwest’s awe-inspiring landmarks such as the Grand Canyon or Death Valley? Has that dream quickly turned into a nightmare when you thought about the difficulties of driving yourself?

Pink Jeep Tours has a solution: luxury tours in their new all-terrain four wheel drive vehicles, known as Tour Trekkers, that have been custom built to easily navigate tough desert terrain and to overcome the challenging desert climate.

Pink Jeep Tours offers ten off-road tours to Southwest landmarks such as the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Death Valley, Eldorado Canyon, Mt. Charleston, Red Rock Canyon, Zion National Park and Valley of Fire. They’re one of the few Las Vegas tour companies that possess off-road permits, so they are able to take you places that are inaccessible to most.

But don’t think that you’ll have to sacrifice comfort. Each Tour Trekker has reclining leather captain seats, 15-inch  DVD  players, large tinted windows that allow unobstructed viewing of the sights, really good air conditioning and foam insulated walls for a quieter ride and better climate control. A specially designed wheel base that ensures a smooth ride completes the luxurious package.

Let’s just say that Pink Jeep Tours wants to turn your dreams into reality. But you may have to pinch yourself to be sure you’re awake.

Edited by Ellen Schofield

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