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OnStar and Volt: A Remarkably Shocking Pair

It’s almost like a May December romance as Volt and OnStar join a new long awaited, environmentally friendly automobile and a long time old friend who loves whispering things in your ear.

Chevrolet and OnStar have merged technologies to unveil the auto industry ‘s first working Smartphone application. Why is this so exciting? Because drivers will be able to communicate and use many helpful applications fight through their Volt Droid by Motorola or the Apple I-Phone or Blackberry Storm smart phones. For example, you just dashed into the house from a long day ‘s work, put your feet up to relax and ” OMG!”  you forgot to set the charge time on your Volt. Not to worry. Just pick up your phone and the app is there.  Maybe your honey called in a tizzy, because he or she got locked out of the car. You ‘re in another state on business. No problem. Just pick up the phone and click the locks open.

A couple of apps I particularly love are the grids that can be set to charge the car in off-peak hours, (saving money is good) and being able to click a button and set the interior temperature in the car. That ‘s a biggie for Texans like me who live for convenient air conditioning in 102-degree heat or warmth when the temp drops below 50

And, of course, OnStar will continue to provide the services which made them so loved. Wonderful things such as Crash Response, Turn-By-Burn Navigation, Hands-Free calling and Stolen Vehicle Assistance.

What a great couple. You know, I feel like they need a gift registry.

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