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Superbowl car commercials add excitement to the Game

Some people think the commercials are the best part of the show. I am one of them. In fact, I think the commercials are even more enticing than the food. No Calories. No Clean up. And some of th most creative commercials you will see all year. 

Maybe it is because when I graduated from college, my first job was in automotive advertising. The Detroit Auto Show and the Super Bowl were the two most important marketing venues

Now, just like movie trailers that build excitement for the movie, manufacturers are releasing to the media background and snippets of their commercials. And while I know I here will be instant replay of the best plays in the game. But I wish I could Tivo the best commercials of the year.

Think of this story as a cliff notes for upcoming CAR commercials during the Super Bowl.

SuperBowlCampaign002_48936_39905Toyota RAV4
Genie’ Kaley Cuoco Grants Wishes in All-New Toyota RAV4 Commercial. Wishes Are Granted in Humorous and Unexpected Ways
Embodying the modern, stylish and smart characteristics of the all-new RAV4, Toyota’s new “Wish Granted” commercial starring KaleyCuoco will make its broadcast debut on Feb. 3.

The star of CBS hit show “The Big Bang Theory” will appear granting the wishes of a family in unexpected and creative ways during one of the biggest sporting and advertising events of the year. Cuoco’s comedic chops made her a perfect partner in bringing the RAV4 Genie character to life.

Hyundai scores with all-new ads during Super Bowl XLVIIhyundai super bowl

Cars Take Center Stage as Super Bowl Advertising Veteran Illustrates Performance and Functionality with Humor and Fun
In its sixth consecutive year as a Super Bowl advertiser, Hyundai tackles the Big Game action with five game-day ads, including four all-new spots. Two of the new ads are slotted for the pre-game show and two are scheduled to air in-game.

With clever interpretations of real life moments that position a Hyundai vehicle as the ultimate sidekick and partner-in-fun, Hyundai aims to take a tongue-in-cheek approach to Super Bowl advertising. The spots use humor to highlight vehicle performance and function in a fun and memorable way.

Headlining the Super Bowl advertising blitz is Hyundai’s 60-second pre-kick spot titled “Epic PlayDate.” Inspired and made possible by the all-new seven-passenger Santa Fe, the ad takes viewers on an unforgettable and epic play date with the Santa Fe as a key player, packing in fun for the whole family. The ad features a cameo and soundtrack of a brand new track written exclusively for Hyundai by a legendary alternative rock band.

“Team,” a 30-second in-game spot running in the first quarter, is a pint-sized ode to the action movie genre. A unique twist on a classic ‘tables turned’ tale, we follow a young boy as he recruits his own dream team to take on the neighborhood troublemakers. The all-new seven-passenger Santa Fe once again takes an active role helping the young boy and his mom gather a team to step up to the challenge.
“Stuck,” a 30-second in-game spot running in the second quarter, takes viewers on a classic American road trip.

In a tale told with observational humor and a little bit of empathy, viewers are taken on a journey through the eyes of a young couple as they encounter and get “stuck” behind some unexpected things on the road. But through it all, the Sonata Turbo allows them to dodge and quickly pass the obstacles with ease.
The fourth 30-second spot, “Excited,” airs during the pre-game show with a voiceover any true sports driving enthusiast will recognize. The commercial features a 429-horsepower, 8-speed Genesis R-Spec racing around a track as the dramatic play-by-play is voiced by the eminently passionate sportscaster, Gus Johnson.

“Cars have become more than just a means of transportation – they can play an active role in empowering us throughout our everyday adventures, large and small,” said Steve, Shannon, vice president of Marketing, Hyundai Motor America. “This year we developed a creative campaign that demonstrates the many ways that Hyundai is ‘there for you’ as a true partner-in-fun. Whether it’s swiftly and safely maneuvering the unforgiving road in a Sonata Turbo or piling everyone in the Santa Fe for the ultimate play date, Hyundai is the perfect companion throughout all life’s experiences.”

The fifth and final spot “Don’t Tell”, which cleverly celebrates quality family time with Mom and Dad, will air during the pre-game show. The all-new Santa Fe is the most valuable player this year, starring in three of the five Super Bowl advertisements. Santa Fe delivers Hyundai’s recipe of bold design, high-output powertrains with Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) and a host of features to please drivers and passengers with high expectations for functionality, versatility and comfort.

Lincoln Debuts First-Ever Twitter-Generated Super Bowl AdLINCOLN COMMERCIAL
The storyline was written from tweets submitted by followers of Jimmy Fallon.
Three-time Super Bowl champion Emmitt Smith, hip-hop superstar Rev Run, actor Wil Wheaton and winning Tweeters make cameo appearances in unprecedented Super Bowl commercial.

Lincoln, the luxury automotive brand, will run its Super Bowl ad, the first-ever commercial written entirely through social media with consumers participating on Twitter. Jimmy Fallon asked his followers to tweet responses to his questions about road trips full of unexpected events, which ultimately created the script.

30 “Phoenix”


:30 “Once Upon A Tweet”


:90 “Once Upon A Tweet”


Over a three-day period in December, consumers were asked to provide their most outrageous road trip experiences 140 characters at a time. The best contributions were chosen from more than 6,000 tweets to create a 30-second spot that will run during the third quarter of the big game and tease a long-form 90-second version available on

This Super Bowl ad is another major piece in the Lincoln reinvention strategy as the brand attracts a new market of individual-minded luxury consumers. Matt VanDyke, Director, Global Lincoln, said, “True to our brand’s new vision to be surprising and different, we approached developing this commercial in a new and revolutionary way – we invited the world to help drive this story and now look forward to this work helping continue the conversation about Lincoln.”
Consumers who had tweets that made it into the storyline will make a cameo appearance in the Super Bowl commercial as extras in the final scene


Watch VW Game Day commercial and then get your friends happy with Volkswagen and Jimmy Cliff. They are so easy for you to see their performance. They are also offering you a free download of the featured song from their commercial performed by Jimmy Cliff – and ringtones to keep you smiling before and after kickoff..

Does anyone besides me choose their TV show based on the TV commercials? Imagine a TiVo that only showed the commercials, not the event or program. Imagine a TV that would show the jock or jockette only the sports and the family marketing maven could watch just the commercials.

Lincoln photo credit Roberto Serrini


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