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The 2013 Ford Explorer Sport – An Old Friend Returns

I’m no stranger to the Ford Explorer.  I bought a 1998 model with more than 150,000 miles about five years ago.  It was to be my “Home Depot” car as I remodeled my house.  What I discovered is that the Ford Explorer is much more than a vehicle just to carry paint, wood and flooring.  It turned out to be a very capable and reliable friend.  So, I jumped at the opportunity to check out the newest Ford Explorer Sport which, by the way, was voted 2012 Best Midsize Luxury SUV by the Texas Auto Writers Association.

The first thing I noticed was that my old friend had gotten a well-deserved face lift.  Her face was much more appealing with the great painted unique grille, sexy headlights and Ford logo.  Her new figure was much softer and curvy.  Her 20” aluminum wheels with painted pockets were really beautiful and the side mirrors heated with LED signals and security approach lamps completed the look with just enough sass and class.

I was delighted to drive with Brian Byndas, the Ford Explorer Program manager.  Brian was very enthusiastic about the newest Explorer as he pointed out the interior features.  I was especially impressed by the leather trimmed seats.  Though very attractive, the seats were also sturdy enough for even the toughest carpool of kids.  The shift knob was even dressed in leather.  Another handy feature was the overhead console with lights and plenty of space for fancy sunglasses.

You’ll love theV-6 eco-Boost engine which helps the Ford Explorer Sport get 16 mpg in town and 22/mpg on the highway.

As with most Fords, the MyFord features were boldly displayed on a very easy to read 4.2” color LCD Display.  The sound Sony sound system was awesome with HD Radio and 12 speakers.

As Brian and I weaved in and off the highway and through neighborhoods and side streets, the Explorer handled extraordinarily well and felt very safe.  And why shouldn’t it since it comes with a SOS Post Crash Alert system and a host of airbags including knee airbags for front seat passengers.

This car is designed for everyone.  Moms, dads, singles, seniors and professionals who like the idea of riding in luxury and space while looking very contemporary and snazzy at the same time.  The Ford Explorer is available with third seat capability making room for seven passengers.

Yes, I must say, I loved my 1998 Ford Explorer.  I even sold it with more than 160,000 miles on it for a very good price.  The 2013, which I’m sure can roll you through just as many miles, retails around $40,000 and up.  If you buy one, you, too, will bring home not just a car, but a safe, reliable friend.    

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