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The 2013 Terrain Denali is Red Carpet Ready

If there was an award for best dressed SUV, the Terrain Denali would be a stellar contender.  It is one of the most beautiful SUV’s that will grace the streets for 2013.  It is a real star ready for the red carpet. 

You know how Hollywood stars employ a glam crew to ensure that they are at their best visually and physical before a big event like the Academy Awards of the Golden Globe?  The Terrain Denali has that feel.  Somehow, you just know that an incredibly talented team of engineers, designers and marketing people worked in concert to bring this car to the show.

At first glance, my eyes travelled around the car taking in the bold style of the body and the right size  elegance of .   a medium sized SUV.  The signature chrome dual grille sparkles like fine Harry Winston jewels.  However, unlike the stars who have to give the jewels back,  this eye catching grill is permanent and will always announce your arrival with dignity and flair as your choice of 18” or 19” Denali wheels roll you into view.

After admiring the outside, the inside did not disappoint either.  One of the things I liked most was the soft touch dash which wrapped gracefully around the instrument panel.  As you slide into the soft leather seats, the Terrain Denali logo is strategically embossed on the leather seats and the mahogany and leather steering wheel makes a real statement. The Denali is equipped with many safety features and third row seating is available, too.   It even offers more than 63 cubic square feet of cargo space.

 My mother always said, “pretty is as pretty does”.  The Terrain Denali is not only beautiful but performs beautifully as well.  With a 3.6 liter V6 engine, it has great pick-up and runs smoothly on the road.  I was lucky enough to take the drive with Craig Eppling, a Regional Communications manager for GM.  We hit a little unexpected bump, but this car that aims to please took it with ease.

The Terrain Denali is a very special car that fits any driving occasion from errands to the Red Carpet.  It’s definitely time for a closeup!

For more information about the Terrain Denali visit:



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