I can only imagine the excitement when Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity or Thomas Edison used it to power a light bulb.  But I can enjoy the excitement generated by General Motors after launching its electric car, the Chevy Volt. 

I’m sure many have tried to produce electric cars over the years, but kudos to GM for a vehicle that has both electric and gasoline capabilities.  And the best part is that the Volt is smart enough to switch from one source of energy to another without the driver ever knowing.  Pretty cool, huh?

When my Volt arrived for this review, it was oh so sweet.  It was sporty, white, 4-door, hatchback and a sweeping panoramic overhead window. The logo was chrome and the body was accented with black shiny insets.  Inside were beautiful dark leather seats and steering wheel.  The dash had so many bells and whistles, I’m still not sure I tried all of them before the end of my run.

The nice gentleman that delivered the Volt suggested that I have the experience of charging it overnight.    He showed me the adaptor and how to do it.  The process was so simple.  Who needs to be smart when you own a smart car?

 I just plugged one end into the car and other into a very simple everyday electrical outlet.  Then a message popped up on the dash that said charging should be complete at 5:45am.  That was only 6 ½ hours later.  How easy is that?   The Volt gave me 38 miles on the charge and when full of gas will deliver 380 miles. Speaking of gas, many volt owners only visit the gas station every other month and average 900 miles with regular charges. 

 About an hour later, I decided to stick my head into the garage and check out the car again.  It sounded as if the motor was running!  Panic time!  I called a nearby Chevrolet dealer to ask what a charge was supposed to sound like. 

A wonderful salesman named Butch assured me that there was no reason for concern.  The sound was coming from a fan designed to cool the motor while charging.  Butch was so great, I decided to go meet him and learn a little more about this incredible car.

Butch says they sale 2-3 Volts a month.  It is a specialty car and he says interest is growing every day.  I asked him to describe the Volt buyer.  He said just about everyone would enjoy it, but it seems that young couples and many professionals are really taking the leap it early on.  He asked me to point out, too, that Chevrolet has money saving specials on the Volt.  For example, who couldn’t use a $7,500 tax deduction for buying a car that will help improve the environment?

It was great talking to Butch!   I thanked him for his time and decided to take the car out on the wide open road to experience more of it for myself.  The thing that I liked most was the sporty vibe! The Volt drove  like a sports car but felt safe and comfortable.   A light touch of the gas and zoom! The road is yours!  It rolls  as smooth as silk on the highway.  It takes sharp curves, inclines, bumps and more like a champ. 

Inside, is just about every electronic feature you can imagine.  There is a wonderful sound system, airbags throughout, back-up monitor, keyless ignition, and electronic connectivity for i-pods, cell phones, etc.  I like the fact that there is so much window space around the car.  It’s so nice on a sunny day to take in all that is around you.

I love the Volt.   It made me feel modern, up-to-date and a socially and environmentally conscious human being.  Who knew a car could do all that?

If you’re thinking of buying a Chevy Volt, do visit a dealer an drive one.  With the $7,500 tax credit,  you can take a Volt home somewhere in the mid-$30,000 range.  To learn more about the Chevy Volt visit: www.chevrolet/volt-electric.com.