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What Your Car Says About Your Personality

It’s no secret that the kind of car you choose says a lot about your personality. But what is it saying, exactly? Does driving a luxury sedan tell the world that you’re a snob? Does your predilection for driving the lowest cost models available mean that you’re cheap? Hardly. There’s actually a lot more to it than that. Here are a few examples.

Minivan. The average minivan driver is someone who very obviously puts family first. Although not always the most stylistic choice for the discerning buyer, the minivan offers a combination of functionality and attractiveness you just can’t find in traditional, large sized vans. If you drive a minivan, you’re probably not the type to get hung up on external appearances; you want a vehicle that gets the job done so you can resume the business of everyday life. And in some cases the average minivan driver may have another car not necessarily suited for carting the family around, but satisfies a need.

4×4 Trucks. If there’s one personality trait that’s almost always associated with people who drive 4×4 trucks, it’s aggressiveness. Not necessarily in person, but certainly on the road. If you don’t drive a 4×4 truck, you probably know someone who does – and they could be the sweetest person in the world when they’re not behind the wheel. But when they are, they want everyone else on the road to know they’re there… and to stay out of the way, if necessary.

Sports Cars. If you drive a sports car, you’re either something of a showoff, you’re something of a risk taker, or you have a need for power – and in some cases, you might be all of the aforementioned. Sports cars are fun to drive and they get a lot of attention, but they’re also expensive to own. And everybody knows it, which is why sports cars are a great way to let others know that you’re successful and you’re super cool. In some business circles, this is know as “What you drive is a reflection of your resume”. Does this sound like you? If not, you might be driving the wrong kind of car!

Sedans. Most sedan owners are practical people who like to achieve maximum comfort without stepping too far down the totem pole. They appreciate the extra leg room that a sedan affords and are willing to pay more to ensure that wherever they go, comfort follows. Sedan drivers typically place heavy emphasis on practicality, but only as long as it doesn’t interfere with their love of certain creature comforts. There is also a class of Luxury Sedans which means most of the above, but in a more expensive car.

Compact Cars. Drivers of compact cars are individuals who care more for saving money than they do for looking good on the road or being accepted by certain groups or cliques. Just because you drive a compact car doesn’t mean you’re cheap and can’t afford anything better. Quite the contrary, it says you’re discriminating about where you spend your money because you want to have as much left over for other, more fun pursuits.

SUVs. With as much grief as SUV drivers often get from those who deride them for being gas guzzlers, you’ve got to have a bit of a thick skin to own one of these suckers. This thick skin says a lot about your personality. If you drive an SUV, you’re probably someone who’s not afraid to make unpopular choices, especially when those choices are in your best interests (i.e., staying safe in slick and snowy conditions versus earning the accolades of the eco-conscious clique).

Electric and/or Hybrid Cars. A lot of people might think that someone who chooses to drive an electric car or a hybrid car is a person deeply committed to saving money. But the fact is, electric and hybrid cars aren’t all that cheap to buy and they can cost a lot in maintenance – there goes that theory. Electric and hybrid car owners aren’t necessarily people concerned with price, but with doing less environmental harm. But don’t be fooled, it’s not all fuzzy feelings. If you drive one of these cars, you’ve probably been told that you’re a strongly opinionated person. You very likely are quick to embrace new technology, and you want everyone to know it. What better way than to choose an eco friendly car?

We’re not passing judgment. In fact, we believe the truly great thing about cars is that no matter what type of person you are, there’s always a car that can reflect your inner personality for the rest of the world to take notice of. Do you agree or disagree? Let us know!


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