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When is something good for the Playoffs good for Dancing with the Stars and the Bachelor?

ford tv trunkWe’ve all been there, that final rush for last minute gifts during the holidays. Imagine the disappointment however when your midsize sedan won’t give you full pass through access beyond your trunk space! That’s not an issue in the all new Ford Fusion however, as they offer an opening wide enough to slide in a 47″ flat screen television box (with room to spare!)

Buying a new TV for the big game, easier with a Ford Fusion

Getting ready for the playoffs, a man decides to buy a new 47-inch flat-screen TV; the only problem is he can’t fit it into his Honda Accord. Luckily, his good friend is the owner of a new 2013 Ford Fusion with a larger trunk and more pass-through space from seats that fold down easily.

The Fusion trunk offers 16 cubic feet while Accord provides 15.8 cubic feet and Toyota Camry measures 15.4 cubic feet. Of the three, Fusion is the only car that offers a full pass-through from the trunk into the rear seats. So this man’s only problem now is deciding who to invite over for the big game.

Check out the video

And after the game, the flat screen TV will be great for watching Dancing with the Stars and the Bachelor.

Which may turn Monday night into a big fight scene.


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