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Will a Stretch Truck Stretch Your Vacation Budget?

Need a vehicle for your travels that has more space for passengers and cargo so that you can go further on less? Or are you interested in something unique to pull your boat, horse trailer, or RV? A stretch truck might be just what you’re looking for.

A stretched truck or SUV is just what the name implies. A stretch truck is a four door crew cab truck with fifth and sixth doors added, giving it a nine passenger capacity. An SUV becomes an eleven passenger vehicle when the fifth and sixth doors are added.

Then there’s the “cool” factor. A stretched SUV may look like a limousine, but it remains a fully functioning vehicle for work or play. Words like “incredible”, “rad”, “hip”, “stylin'”, and “awesome” have been used to describe a stretch truck when seen in parking lots around the nation. As one of their customers said, “if we would have gone with a van, we’d have given up all hope of ever being cool again.”

Edited by Ellen Schofield

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